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Gracie and the Sausage
—Posted Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at 9:58 pm—
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The Great Sausage Caper

Gracie is an easy-going inn dog who seems to like everyone. She’s always ready for a belly rub.

We would like to think it’s because of all those walks we give her and lots of healthy food.

One of Gracie’s favorites is Natural Balance Potato & Duck dog treats. We keep a big bag in the kitchen as tasty little rewards for good behavior.

During guest breakfasts, however, we usually keep Gracie corralled in a back room or yard so she doesn’t pester guests for non-approved treats.

A couple of weeks ago, while Mary was serving pancakes in the parlor, Gracie slipped into the kitchen and copped a few sausages intended for our hungry waiting guests.

We can’t be too hard on her, though. Pork sausage does look and smell a bit more appetizing than potato and duck dog cookies. Of course, we’re sure Gracie won’t mind sharing if you’re a vegetarian and looking for a new taste treat during your next visit to the Atrium.