Off the Beaten Path

Fort Bragg and the surrounding area offer a lot of activities, and you can find those described on our Things to Do pages, as well as on But there are some interesting and unique things that don’t always make the radar on the normal lists of things to do. Here’s our take on some things that are off the beaten path:

Triangle Tattoo & Museum

Tiger Tattoo by Mr GHistorical Tattoo from Triangle Tattoo MuseumTriangle Tattoo and Museum is owned by 2 world-famous tattoo artists: Madame Chinchilla and Mr G. They’ve inked a lot of people, and published several books on the topic. They’ve also been featured several times on the Discovery Channel. Their museum features great artwork from many cultures, and it talks about the tools used to create them. Did you know that Thomas Edison was indirectly responsible for the invention of the electric tattoo machine? Edison’s attempt to modernize the printing industry with his electric stencil maker forever changed the world of tattoo. Find out more in the tattoo machine exhibit in the museum. The pictures are used with the permission of Triangle Tattoo Museum, and the tiger tattoo was created by Mr G.

Living Light

Founder and Master Chef Cherie Soria of Living Light Culinary InstituteLiving Light Culinary Institute, the birthplace of gourmet raw vegan cuisine, is the world’s premier organic raw vegan chef training school. Since 1998, Living Light has trained many of the world’s top chefs and instructors in the art and science of raw vegan cuisine worldwide, and they have gathered the highest caliber instructors and raw food chefs to be staff members at Living Light Culinary Institute. Living Light offers a variety of gourmet raw vegan culinary courses and certifications and a complete science of raw food nutrition program for students with every level of experience. We welcome everyone from novice to professional chef!

Krenov Woodworking School

James Krenov founded School of Fine Woodworking here in Fort Bragg.The author of four crucial books for any serious woodworker, Krenov taught a philosophy that has become a prerequisite for advanced cabinetry throughout the world. Krenov lectured at schools and universities all over the world and received numerous awards for his achievements both as a trailblazer and a craftsman. A recognized furniture maker in Sweden, he moved to Northern California in 1981, where he created and led the College of the Redwoods’ Fine Woodworking School. In his twenty years with the school he taught hundreds of eager students from around the world while continuing to build his own fine furniture. He retired from the college in 2002, continuing to create cabinets in his home woodshop until he passed away in 2009. James Krenov is represented with works at museums in Sweden, Norway, Japan and the U.S. You can find out more about Krenov’s work from his Web site, and you can see what his students at the College of the Redwoods have created.


You can play petanque in Fort Bragg.If you’re a devotee of the ancient game of petanque, you can find courts and players right here in Fort Bragg at the CV Starr Community Center, as well as down in Noyo Harbor. The ancient Greeks started throwing stone balls around in the 6th century BC, and the Romans later added the target. The Romans introduced it to Europe, and the game has continued to the present day.

PS: Don’t forget that Glass Beach, filled with beautiful sea glass, is only minutes from the Atrium Bed and Breakfast Inn.