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Fort Bragg: New York Times 2014 Places to Visit
—Posted Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 3:45 am—

Sea Glass from Fort Bragg's Glass Beach 2

Sea Glass from Fort Bragg's Glass Beach 2

It is true that the New York Times didn’t specifically name Fort Bragg as a place to visit, but they did say the Mendocino Coast (of which Fort Bragg is on the north end) was #3 on places to visit in 2014. And, Fort Bragg is an official gateway; in fact, the “Fort Bragg-Mendocino Gateway to the California Coastal National Monument.”

If you’ve never visited Fort Bragg, then let us share a few links to bring our tiny seacoast town into focus. If you have been here, then this is just a reminder why you need to come again soon. And, we have a room waiting for you.

Glass Beach – one of a kind beach with beautiful sea glass.

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse — restored to its 1909 glory.

Redwoods – they are everywhere, including in one of our city parks.