Ride & Tie World Championships Coming August 24-25
—Posted Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at 4:43 pm—
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Ride & Tie combines trail running, endurance riding, and strategy.

If you love horseback riding, Fort Bragg is the place to be on the weekend of August 24-25, where you can compete in the 43rd Annual Ride & Tie World Championship, or enjoy the “Mendocino Magic” endurance ride along the spectacular coast and through the redwoods.


Ride & Tie: August 24

The 2013 Ride & Tie World Championship takes place August 24 over a 35-mile course that is both rugged and spectacular, positioned between the Pacific Ocean and the Redwood forest.

The sport combines trail running, endurance riding, and strategy. The goal is for three team members (two humans and one horse) to complete a cross-country course by alternating riding and running.

For more information about Ride & Tie, visit the web site at www.rideandtie.org or call (509) 521-6249.

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