“My Grandfather’s Fiddle, Stories for the Solstice” at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse
—Posted Sunday, November 11th, 2012 at 1:50 am—
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On December 8 at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, Kevin Carr will present a one-man concert, “My Grandfather’s Fiddle, Stories for the Solstice.”

The concert will take place under the newly-painted roof of the 1909 lighthouse, which still operates as an aid to navigation along our Mendocino Coast. This is a small, intimate venue, which makes the concert and music much more up close and personal. Surrounded by lighthouse lore and history, the music will play and the light above will turn like it has for more than a century.

The details:

3:30 pm – doors open / 4 pm – concert begins

Tickets: $15 in advance; $20 at the door

Parking: at the bottom of the hill near the lighthouse (no half-mile walk down the hill required!)

For information: 707-937-6123 / Giftshop@PointCabrillo.org

About Kevin Carr:

Fiddle tunes, bagpipe melodies, songs and stories from Ireland, Quebec, Galicia, Scandinavia and other green places.

Grandfather’s Fiddle was an elusive instrument, a legend in Kevin’s family, which he pursued for many years. The whole time he was also traveling and collecting music and lore from far flung places around the world, following his imagination and luck into just the right places at just the right times. It took him many years to realize he was never going to find his grandfather’s actual fiddle, but that he was, in fact, slowly discovering the kind of magic that would make his grandfather’s fiddle come alive again, and resonate in the imaginations of audiences far and wide.

For over thirty years dynamic fiddler-piper-storyteller Kevin Carr has honed his craft in smoky Irish pubs, remote cabins in Quebec, and in dance halls across America. He’s played banjo in Latvia, learned to play the bagpipes of a dozen countries and dug deep to find just the right stories to share.

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