What’s Nearby: Virgin Creek Beach
—Posted Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 6:26 pm—
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Located at the north end of Main Street, the Atrium is walking distance to many attractions.
One of our favorites is Virgin Creek Beach. On big wave days, surfers love the ride along this big sandy beach, which is perfect for picnics, tidepooling or whatever you might like to do at the ocean’s edge.
Located about a mile north of the inn, ride your bike there along the Haul Road or drive to a parking area along Highway 1, walk across a field and a couple of hundreds yards to the beach.
Keep an eye out for the endangered snowy plover which nests here (but, of course, keep your distance so you don’t disturb them).
Virgin Creek Beach is part of MacKerricher State Park, but there are no day use fees.

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