World’s Oldest Staghorn Fern? … An Atrium Bed and Breakfast Inn Curiosity
—Posted Friday, May 27th, 2011 at 12:02 am—
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When you consider that Fort Bragg’s year-around temperature averages a balmy fresh 55 degrees, you have to wonder how the Atrium Bed and Breakfast’s Staghorn Fern, a native of tropical climes like the Philippines, Indonesia and Florida, manages to survive. However, not only has it survived, but it has thrived for 20-25 years in the Inn’s Atrium, a warm and peaceful covered garden area between the main house and adjacent rooms. Atrium Guests, by the way, also love hanging out here to read a book, eat breakfast, sip a cup of tea or enjoy a evening glass of Yorkville Organic Sauvignon Blanc.

When we Googled “Staghorn Fern” to see if the Atrium’s is possibly the oldest in the world, we didn’t find any lifespan statistics, but did learn that Staghorns like bananas. It’s true. We discovered that one woman in South Africa feeds her Staghorn Fern bananas twice a month. As it turns out, the plants apparently do like bananas but need them only a couple of times a year (the reason hers wasn’t doing so well). Innkeepers Mary and Gail only provide a little water as this rootless “air” plant – as it is called – hangs happily onto a wooden post in the Atrium Garden.



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